Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Community Rundown

Here are the stories being covered by the Pop, Pop, Pop Culture Community this week so far.

  1. Perrero has their usual blogburst, expect the unexpected.

  2. Shouting Into the Wind discusses why Taylor Hicks Matters.

  3. DISContent discusses Memorial Day and Hershel Gordon Lewis

  4. Monitor Duty discusses Strangers in Paradise

  5. News on the March discusses Google, the Simpsons, and Jules Verne.

  6. Gone Hollywood disses Michele Rodriguez for being released from prison and praises Naomi Watts for her philanthropy.

  7. Our friends at the Ziggurat of Doom discuss propaganda, X3, and how vampires are protesting hamburgers at White Castle

  8. The Shelf apologizes for the lack of a Memorial Day post on Memorial Day and has a few comments about his opinions regarding An Inconvenient Truth

  9. The Hungry Ghost reminds us to read the Axis of Time series and presents an opportunity for all you burgeoning 35mm Hong Kong Print collectors out there.

We, of course, have discussed X3 and Xombies and will soon discuss the Wild Cards series in greater detail.

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