Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inter-Web-O-Net-O-Sphere Woes

While there are times that I love the interwebonetosphere, there are times when the massive collection of ones and zeroes really gets on my nerves. Take right now for instance. My professional email provider, the one I use for work and official stuff, is experiencing some kind of major meltdown making it all but impossible for me to communicate with anyone for work. Let me tell you, it is more than a little lame to tell someone that you will be emailing them with your IMJayGatz or SwinginTrojan email address. Sure IMJayGatz isn't too bad, if they've read the book, but unless they know you well enough to know that you are a baseball and USC fanatic the SwinginTrojan email might raise some eyebrows.

So... for those of you out there who I work with let me say the following. The reason I am not responding to your very important, and in need of immediate response, email isn't that I am avoiding you or hate you. Though both of those statements might be true depending on who you are. Rather it is because it takes 50 minutes for me to get any email that happens to be in my inbox. If you were diverted into my Spam folder, fahgetaboutit! That has been "hidden" to realocate resources so that email works at all. Bah!

Add to that Blogger will have a scheduled outage at 4pm PST and you can see my frustrations.

Some people ask me why I still have my AOL account, that I've had for over a decade. Well...they have NEVER given me this kind of problem. Of course neither has gmail, but since I am on a couple of media/political newslists on that address the likelihood of me reading your email there approaches zero.

Double Bah!

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