Monday, April 10, 2006


Often when I am sick, in bed, at home I flip the channels and pass an 80s classic film. The moment my fingers have found Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club, I become overwhelmed with 80stalgia. I become sad wondering where all the people I knew in High School are today.

It is surprising to me how few I kept in touch with as the years passed. And what is even more odd, is that my lack of contact has nothing to do with a lack of desire. I am just too lazy to correspond as much as I ought.

Oh, and before you think that I am like Robert E. Howard, or his creation, and filled with "gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth" due to some crisis or state of adulthood, I have always been this way. I was nostagic for lost friends when I was in high school, and when I was in college. I moved a lot and communicated insufficiently. Most of the time, I am free of any kind of nostalgia, but those darn 80s movies get me every time.

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