Monday, March 06, 2006

Sorry for the Long Delay Between Posts

I would have posted much more in the past two weeks save for a couple of big events that have occurred.

First, I have moved from South Los Angeles, the Crenshaw be specific right across the street from Dorsey High School (alma mater of Chili Davis). Information about the school can be read here.

I now live in the suburban conclave of Glendale, where the cops ride in their cars without partners beside them. I no longer hear the thrumming of helicopter blades as I go to sleep. Gone are the sounds that I wonder whether they are gunshots or fireworks. They were usually fireworks. Now I live a block from Porto's.

Life is good, but my computers (laptop and desktop) are packed away.

Second, I was attending the California Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference in San Diego. I apologize to Professor Shugart for not harrassing him for a lunch meeting, but I was dog tired and sans communication devices. I was there for my day job promoting youth civic engagment (read VOTING) talking to teachers about using a 4 lesson curriculum the Non-Profit I work for designed. The curriculum is an attempt to get young people interested in voting.

So I have been busy unpacking and working and that is why I have been absent. I will attempt to address the problem with a book review or two in the next day or so.

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