Monday, March 13, 2006

An Opportunity to Meet an Icon

As everyone may have guessed, I am a big-time William Shatner fan. So this announcement is big news to me. The History Channel is offering a chance to "meet" William Shatner at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. I, naturally, entered the sweepstakes, but I must say that I am less than excited for more than one reason.

  • First, the "meeting" is at a Star Trek convention. I have never and will never go to a Star Trek Convention...Comic Book and Gaming Conventions only please.

  • Second, since the meeting is at a convention the likelihood of it being "intimate" is unlikely. If I want to meet with Shatner, I want it to be a casual meeting over coffee and not some wierd public deal.

  • Third, the event is in Las Vegas. I know everybody thinks Vegas is cool. But like Rob, who posts here, I was a 21/craps dealer as an undergrad in Reno. Gambling has about as much appeal to me as going on a vacation to fill potholes does for a Caltrans worker.

  • Fourth, meeting William Shatner should be about more than Star Trek. It should be about meeting someone who has entertained you in a variety of media, and who became more endearing when he finally presented himself in a more human light.

Still, I applied and so should you. Just click on the picture below.

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