Thursday, February 02, 2006

Questions for Readers...Yeah, Readers...Like We Have Those.

I started this blog some time ago and it seems that only recently have we begun to have any regularity of visitation by others. At least I think that's true, one can never tell with the various "tracking" methods available on the internet. I am going to operate under the assumption that we do in fact have more than two readers, more than just Fritz, Rob, and me that is. But I want more readers than the current very select, read small, group of visitors we currently enjoy.

That's were you, my loyal visitors, come in. Since this is a pop-culture blog, I want to know what aspects of popular culture you are interested in reading about so that Cinerati can provide content that is engaging to you and which you will be able to recommend to others. I would appreciate it if you would take the following survey. You can answer the questions in the comments section, use a trackback from your own website, or both.

1) What areas of popular culture would you like to see enjoy more discussion on Cinerati?

2) What are five of your favorite "popcorn" movies? (I don't like to ask absolute favorites, or lists, because such things are fluid.)

2a) Would you like to see more film reviews/discussion on the site?

3) What are five of your favorite boardgames?

3a) Would you like to see more boardgame reviews/discussion on this site?

4) What are a few of the television shows that really interest you of late?

4a) Would you like to see more discussion of Television shows? An example of this kind of reporting would be Shouting into the Wind's excellent "The Watch List" and my Rollergirls article.

5) What videogames do you enjoy?

5a) Would you like to see more VG discussion on this site.

6) Do you play an MMORPG? Which one? What Server? Can I be in your guild?

7) Would you be interested in posting even as a "Double Post" with links to your own site here at Cinerati?

8) Does anyone know how to get The Bear at TTLB to respond? I would really like to get my pop-culture "community" rolling.

9) Do you have any other recommendations? How can we here at Cinerati better serve you? What are some areas we have overlooked?

Thanks for your time and even if you don't answer...thanks for visiting.

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