Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blogging the Black Dahlia

As I mentioned in my post discussing my recent car break-in, I attended an LA Press Club event discussing the Black Dahlia murders. Donald Wolfe, the author of The Black Dahlia Files discussed his thesis while attempting to maintain enough mystery to convince the audience to purchase the book. Cathy Seipp, among others, was not convinced of Wolfe's conclusions, but still wanted to read the book. I purchased the book for future reference, but I lack the expertise to critique the book even after I finish reading it.

Larry Harnisch, on the other hand, seems to have the expertise and the time to give a detailed critique of the book and its arguments. Since February 3rd, he has been "blogging the book," and it has made for and interesting experience. Only one problem, if you don't read it regularly the "recent post" functionality of blogger lists the articles in reverse order. So...I thought I would give you the links of the first few in the order they were written.

  1. Blogging the Wolfe Book
  2. Blogging the Wolfe Book, "The Monster"
  3. Blogging the Wolfe Book, Extra! Extra!
  4. Blogging the Wolfe Book, Sniff Test
  5. Blogging the Wolfe Book, the Boy on the Bicycle
  6. Blogging the Wolfe Book, Weather Report

Quick warning, Larry has only reached page 7 in his critique so get ready for some serious nitpicking.

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