Monday, December 05, 2005

The Road from LA to NY Apparently Goes Through Florida

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First Mike Piazza goes to the Mets via Florida, now it looks like Paul LoDuca may be making the same trip. Sure it's taken him a litte longer than Mike to goes from Florida to New York, but I still find this ironic.

On the Dodgers' side of things, well they still don't have a coach but, it looks like they will be adding Rafael Furcal to their roster next year. Furcal is a good shortstop and will be a good addition to the Dodgers. Even after other players heal up, the addition of Furcal will add "flexibility" and depth that the Dodgers lacked last year when they had to pull from the minor league well too often last year. It is likely that Izturis, the Dodgers' current SS who will be out until July, will be moved to Second with Jeff Kent moved over to First. If this ends up being the case the Dodgers will have upgraded both offesively and defensively and that could lead to a post-season appearance.

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