Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quick Headline Rundown for Today

  1. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Google has purchased 5% of AOL. For most people this news comes as no surprise, but I was worried that it might not happen when Carl Icahn warned Google against the act. Icahn has been seeking for some time to purchase Time Warner and break it into many little profitable pieces, and given the state of the comic book industry I was worried that it might spell the end of DC Comics. It appears that AOL's threat to shift over to a Microsoft designed search engine influenced Google to invest in the internet service provider. I for one have always thought that AOL was an undervalued commodity that suffered from the dot com bubble burst. The marketing power of AOL is massive and it must provide enough of a user base to inspire internet giant Google to have invested.
  2. According to WENN news service (IMDB Pro Subscription Required), Michael J. Fox may be making yet another Back to the Future sequel. This time Fox demands that the character be the same age as he is currently. Sequels are always a tough racket. There is a saying about Hollywood that, "The only thing Hollywood knows how to do is sequels." Implying that the only time they know they can make money is with something that has worked before. I loved the first Future film, hate the second one, and like the third, but I wonder what story is left to tell. I guess we could find out if Marty has really changed, or if he still can't stand being called a chicken.

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