Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Consider Myself a Shatner Devotee, but...

I can't believe I missed this.

The one-and-only William Shatner stars as The Storyteller in this rousing, campy series. Each episode tells a suspenseful story from an exciting time or place, filled with interesting characters, plenty of action, and surprising twists. All 15 episodes are included here, including "A Crack in Time," about a telepathic girl from the year 2098 who finds herself stranded in 20th century America, and "The Pirate," which tells the chilling tale of three vacationing children who stumble onto hidden treasure--and the sinister seafaring ghost that haunts it.

I will own this! I will have this! It shall be mine! That is my New Year's resolution!

After all, if I can enjoy all the Tek War books, and I do, this should be awesome!

Seriously, has anyone seen this? What channel was it on? What is the backstory?

I need information!

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