Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Fun For The Family

In the spirit of Americans being so addicted to violence that it permeates fully their lives. I offer you a Savage Worlds edition of the Holidays.

The War on Terror has opened on a new front -- Toyland is at War!

An early Christmas present from GWG/PEG!

Back by popular demand is the highly entertaining Battle of Christmas Eve. This free Savage Worlds adventure, by the ever-so-slightly twisted Wiggy should put you in a festive mood.

Christmas is coming, and across the land, children are fast asleep, waiting for Santa to deliver their presents. But for one little girl, Christmas is about to ruined by the Mujafuzzeen, diabolical toys intent on causing havoc in the real world.

Only the heroes of TIC-TOC can defeat the Mujafuzzeen and save Christmas. But is there time?

Find out in The Battle of Christmas Eve.

Pinnacle Entertainment is once again offering their Holiday Season themed scenario packet for the Savage Worlds game. I played this last year and had a great time. Maybe I'll do it again this year.

To play the scenarios you will need a copy of the FREE Test Drive Rules for Savage Worlds. Savage Worlds is an easy to learn and fun to play role playing game that bridges the gaps between playability/complexity, speed/realism, and wargame/rpg. Do yourself a favor...Save Christmas!

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