Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rush Hour 3 Finally an Official Greenlight...and We Care?

Chris Tucker, who has been a major obstacle in the production of a Rush Hour sequel, has finally come to terms he finds agreeable to make the third installment of the Jackie Chan vehicle.

That's right...Jackie Chan vehicle.

According to E! Online, "Tucker will still receive $20 million upfront, and he'll get 20 percent of the back-end gross; those terms will also extend to a future film to be determined."

Did I mention that this is a Jackie Chan vehicle? I would watch this film if it starred Chris Klein, Chris Farley (though he's dead), or even Chris O'Donnell.
I want to see Jackie Chan kick a$$.

Is Chris Tucker funny in these movies? Yes and he was funny in Fifth Element too.

But 20% of back-end gross? Chan only gets 15%, but does get exclusive distribution rights for Hong Kong and China so it's not like he isn't making any money on the deal.

And let's be honest...the Tucker/Chan combo has been more profitable than the Chan solo projects.

But how long has it been since Rush Hour 2? Maybe we should call this one...Freeway Gridlock.

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