Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Awesome News for Savage Worlds Fans

According to The Gaming Report, the Pinnacle Entertainment Group (now known as Great White Games) has entered into an agreement with WizKids games. This agreement will allow Pinnacle, the creators of the Origins Award winning Savage Worlds game system to create roleplaying books based upon the collectible strategy games manufactured by WizKids.

What this means for Savage Worlds fans is a possible Rocketmen pulp/scifi rpg, a new Battletech rpg, a Pirates rpg, to quote,
" including the Pirates and Rocketmen Constructible Strategy Games and the Mage Knight Collectable Miniatures Game.

The deal also allows GWG to support such genre-defining products as Pirates of the Spanish Main and MechWarrior with a series of scenario books, including new rules, games pieces, and fiction, bringing an additional level of fun and a new twist to some of WizKids’ best-loved properties."

Having played the Necessary Evil "worldbook" and enjoyed its take on how to represent superheroes with game mechanics, I wish that the deal also included Marvel. But that is not to be.

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