Friday, October 21, 2005

Will PSP Conquer iPod?

With the PSP, Sony may have begun a move to challenge Apple dominance in the "communications future." Officially there device can already, according to the website, store digital photos on the convenient and multi-compatible Memory Stick, store music in the robust ATRAC3 compression method on Memory Stick or Mini-Disk, Transfer video on those same systems, play games (naturally), and surf the internet at any internet accessible location. But that is not all the PSP can do. Reading Quick Foo today, I found that there is a device which will let you run your PSP on your TV. I don't know if this works, but if it does this means all those PSP movies are now available for easy transport and viewing. We already know, thanks to 1up, that you can read Manga on the PSP.

Seems to me that Sony has designed a device with greater functionality than Apple, but with none of the proprietary baggage.

Now if only I can get people to return to the word "webcasting" instead of "podcasting."

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