Thursday, October 06, 2005

Supernatural Picked Up for Season

Thanks to Shouting into the Wind, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, Supernatural has been picked up by the WB for a full season. This is good news!

Just Legal, on the other hand, apparently didn't make the cut. It's too bad as the show had an interesting premise, but really failed to actualize the idea. Maybe, say in five years or so, someone will do the idea a little better and it will get picked up. The main problem Just Legal suffered was a lack of faith in its audience, probably because they thought the audience would skew young. In essence, the show acted as if it had to train its audience as to the conflicts involved in a legal show. In doing so, it spent too much time on "informing" the audience about the background of any given conflict and not enough time on the individual conflicts of any given episode. They also didn't treat the protagonist well. He was supposed to be a legal genius and yet he constantly seems out of his depth. The point of the show should have been that the law in practice isn't the same as the law in its ideal form. They never quite got that across to the audience. The writers were too concerned with the "hey, he's only 18" factor, which is too bad. After all, that bias was the reason the character wasn't hired by the "big" law firms anyway.

If I had done the show I would have added external pressures. After all, why doesn't the character take a clerk-ship? Maybe there are huge financial pressures at home, you know like Peter Parker. So he has to provide financial support for his family and this increases the conflict between when to fight and when to settle. I know it is cliche, but they didn't provide any reason in the show itself.

Anyway, I thought Just Legal had an interesting premise (a legal Doogie Howser), but that it wasn't executed well. They didn't even start revealing continual conflicts until the third episode and the b storylines were almost non-existent.

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