Friday, October 07, 2005

I Know I Said "No Pop Culture" Today...

But this news is too gorram good to not post. Jon Favreau is set to direct John Carter of Mars. As I posted last November Kerry Conran (Spy Captain) had been given the nod after Robert Rodriguez was shown the door. Given that Vince Vaughn (see my previous post) is one of my leading candidates I desire to play John Carter, this is awesome. Favreau did an excellent job on Elf, Zathura looks like it will demonstrate how well he does effects, and Jon is close friends with Vince. Awesome!

I saw Favreau at this year's ComicCon and given his ability to not only talk to geeks as real people, but as his "claymation" segment in Elf displayed he has a bit of geek himself.

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