Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I was flipping though the latest issue of Dragon (#336) when I came across this print ad for Dungeons & Dragons. Although it does not name any particular MMORPG it was an obvious attack on the fantasy based ones in particular. As a table-top player who avoids online gaming (mainly for reasons of cost and time required), I had to laugh at Wizards of the Coast gutsy move to challenge the coolness of online gaming. And I must admit, I can kind of see thier point. Online gaming does not encourage the kind of friendly get togethers that table top gaming does, and actually seems to encourage that loner image that most geeks get stuck with anyways. On the other hand, one would probably point out to WotC that online gaming means you don't have to clean up your place, find a GM, find a place to stash all your geek gear or worry about your friends drinking all your Dr. Pepper (or other tasty caffinated beverage).

So...who will win? Only time will tell. But I must admit I give WotC points for trying to turn the tide.

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