Tuesday, September 27, 2005

When Faith Isn't Enough...A Little Meth Helps.

Ashley Smith, the woman who says she gained the trust of suspected courthouse gunman Brian Nichols by talking about her faith in God, was one of the great "everyday hero" stories of the past year. The everyday person who through kindness and faith is able to tame the rampaging villain is a story we all want to hear, even when it includes a plug for The Purpose-Driven Life . We all hope that in similar circumstances that we can have that powerful an affect on an individual.

It turns out that the rosy image of the innocent Daniel using powerful faith inspired writing to pull the thorn of hatred from the criminal heart, may not be exactly what happened.

According to the Washington Post, Brian Nichols asked Smith if she had any marijuana. She assured him that she didn't, but she did happen to have some meth he was welcome to share.

It's just like The Salton Sea, you can trust the tweakers to do the right thing.

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