Thursday, September 29, 2005

To Decrease Attendance, Attendant's Spoil Story

Airline employees are in a mild uproar regarding Flightplan, Jodie Foster's recent re-envisioning of the classic Hitchcock film The Lady Vanishes. Mirroring the classic Jodie Foster steps away from her seat on an airplane (in the original it was a train) only to find her daughter missing (in Lady it was a kindly old lady). There is a desperate search for the daughter and a mystery is solved. Just who has kidnapped her daughter and why?

Airline attendents were disappointed with the answer to those questions and have been asking people not to see the film, while at the same time revealing major plot points in their criticism. The media have covered the story from different angles with E! Online and The New York Daily News provide a spoiler warning, but Reuters reveals the mystery in the first paragraph offering no warning to potential viewers. They are obviously siding with the Airline employees in their attempt to spoil the plot of the movie and reduce viewership. ;-)


Good news for Sean Bean fans, it appears that he is not the villain! A rare event indeed in American cinema.

If you want to read the spoiler left click and drag your cursor over it to make it more legible.

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