Thursday, September 22, 2005

Finally a "First Run" of a Japanese Horror Film.

As you all know, recent years have seen a large number of Japanese horror films being remade for American consumption. From Gore Verbinski's adaptation of The Ring to adaptations by the original director like The Grudge, we have seen a lot of these in recent years. Personally, Cinerati has been very pleased with most of the adaptations (and with the originals as well), but now it looks like America will be getting a "first run" of a Japanese horror story.

According to ICV2, we will soon be seeing an American adaptation of the Manga Parasyte, directed by Takashi Shimizu of The Grudge. The manga was released in the United States during the late 90's, but it seems has not yet been adapted to film. So maybe this will lead to a Japanese movie based on an American movie based on a Japanese Manga. Or better yet, an American movie based on a Japanese Movie based on an American movie based on a Japanese manga. The spiral is endless.

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