Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Confessions of a Twenty-something College Student

The purpose of having a blog (or sharing one) is that there will be entries by the contributor(s). Without question, I have not fulfilled my blogging duties by only posting so sparingly. I've decided to change that and consider this the start of many more posts, hopefully.

Next question is what will I be posting about. Now obviously we have a myriad of represented pop-culturists, from Number One's knowledge of comics to Fritz's database of random street pictures. However, I represent a totally different demographic, that of a college student. So I've decided my posts will be about my niche.

Such confessions may include the going-ons of UCLA, heavily concentrated on the throes of student government activities. I am also deeply involved in local city politics, especially ever since my city council voted to build a Wal Mart Supercenter. So expect my posts to gear towards that direction too. Finally, being a son of immigrant parents, I love to discuss that rich and unique experience that many consider to be the foundation of the American dream.

So expect this to be the first of many confessions of a twenty-something college student.

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