Monday, July 25, 2005

Penguins and Politics?! I don't get it either.

My wife and I went to see, among other movies, March of the Penguins this weekend. The film was a magical documentary about the mating cycle of the emperor penguin and how amazing it is that any are born at all given the harsh Antarctic environment they are conceived in. It was a wonderful movie, but during the film I heard two of the most ridiculous things ever. Not the two most, but two of the most.

First, during a scene in which a Leopard Seal is about to eat a penguin a woman in the audience actually gasped and mumbled that she thought seals were herbivorous. As my wife said, "Seals are the puppies of the sea. What does she think they eat?" I quickly answered, "Kibbles and Bits." The all grain vegan version naturally.

Second, and even more bizarre (from the same woman even) I heard a truly non-sequitur analysis of the film. Maybe the dumbest thing I have heard since Conservative Christian's worried about Teletubbies advancing the "gay agenda." What follows below is a direct quote...emphasis is mine.

An OLDER WOMAN is exiting a dimly lit movie theater after watching a recently released documentary.

Wow! That really puts things in perspective! You know, I have this friend "x" who has been having trouble with her landlord recently and might have to move soon. I think I will have to send her to watch this movie...NO WONDER REPUBLICANS KEEP WINNING ELECTIONS.

WHAT?! Penguins have an awe inspiringly difficult and dangerous reproductive process and "x" has problems with her landlord and that is why Republicans keep winning elections?


Or does she mean that compared to penguins our problems are minor and that is why Americans vote for Republicans?

Or because we don't understand the plight of the penguin that is why Americans vote Republican?

Or is it because we could learn more collective behavior from the penguins and that would get more Americans to vote Democrat? (The collective behavior was really impressive)

Is everything a political allegory for this woman? Hmm...the Red Sox won last year, guess that means a Republican victory!

I just don't get it.

Go see March of the Penguins you will have an enjoyable time and maybe you can tell me what Penguins have to do with Politics.

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