Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anti-French Conservatives are Crazy

Especially when you can become an instant millionaire by investing in Rackham (see this pdf for information on becoming an investor, it's in French so I'll have to have Emmanuelle translate it for me).
The company has just decided to become public due to its success in the miniatures gaming market. You can see a sample of their great work on their website here. Given the beautiful sculpts, I would like to see Rackham enter the field as a legitimate contender in the hobby market. Currently, the three leading companies are Hasbro (through their Wizards of the Coast Brand see the D&D miniatures the leading brand of pre-painted minis), Games Workshop who set the standard in unpainted miniatures, and Topps (through their WizKids line of "clix" prepainted). To make themselves competetive, and a good investment, Rackham has also decided to expand their product list to include a line of pre-painted miniatures as well. By all accounts the pre-paints will be of the same caliber as existing Rackham products.

If you aren't familiar with Rackham, and if you read my posts you should be, they are the miniatures company that raised the bar on miniature sculpture quality.

(Click on image for a larger picture)

Currently, their miniatures are expensive because we Americans have to buy them through Canada, but with a public offering and with their good US sales I expect this trend to end soon.

Rackham's corporate offices are located in Montreuil Sous Bois, France.

Hmm...maybe if I lied to people and told them the company sold "Freedom Miniatures" that would encourage people to invest.

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