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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Surprise, surprise...

Cinderella Man's not doing so good. Gee, it's as if people don't want to see a movie with Russell Crowe called Cinderella Man. I'm cross-pollinating a bit... I posted on my main blog about this awhile ago, but it seemed better to put my follow-up on here.

Anyway, Hollywood studios need to hire me. Are they really lacking people to say stuff like 'No, Godzilla movies shouldn't be about non-radioactive iguanas that hide instead of smashing stuff' and 'Don't do two puff movies before putting all important information for the prequels in one single, good movie?' What about 'No, gamers aren't idiots; calling the worst movie ever the DND movie will not assure success...' Oh, and 'Stop making the white Christians (you know, the majority of American movie-watchers) the bad guys.'

These are not hard things to figure out, but tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are lost due to a lack of understanding them every year...

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