Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Psychics? We don't need no stinkin' Psychics?

Sidekicks on the other hand...those we need.

The hot news on IMDB today is the new FOX series "The Inside." Here's a brief description of the show:

"The Inside" Premieres Tonight, 9/8C on FOX

Rachel Nichols stars as rookie FBI agent Rebecca Locke in the new FOX series, "The Inside". Locke is brought into Los Angeles's Violent Crimes Unit, which deals with the most taxing and dangerous cases, by Virgil "Web" Webster (Peter Coyote). Webster is obsessed with solving cases, so much so that Agent Paul Ryan (Jay Harrington), who becomes Rebecca's partner, believes Webster will sacrifice members of his own team to do so. Both Ryan and Webster know that Rebecca is something special, however, for her past allows her special insight into the minds and motives of those they hunt. Visit the official site for more information about "The Inside" including photos, message boards, cast profiles and more. "The Inside" premieres tonight at 9/8C on FOX.

Sound familiar? Hmm... sounds pretty familiar. Well except that Rebecca has "special insight," ala Will Graham of Manhunter, instead of psychic powers. I guess giving her psychic powers would make the show too much like Profiler. Remember Profiler?

Ally Walker stars as Dr. Sam Waters, a psychic detective with the Violent Crimes Task Force, a federal agency which often works with the FBI, ATF, and other crime-solving agencies. The VCTF investigates and solves such crimes, and continually chases the elusive man known anonymously as Jack, who has haunted Dr. Waters for years.

But similarity to a cancelled show is alright, right? After all, maybe there is a place for this kind of thing, even if that place is Medium on NBC.

Allison DuBois (Arquette) is a strong-willed young mother of three, a devoted wife and law student who begins to suspect that she can talk to dead people, see the future in her dreams and read people's thoughts. Fearing for her mental health, she turns for support to her husband Joe (Jake Weber, "U-571"), an aerospace engineer, who slowly comes to believe that what his wife is telling him just might be true. The real challenge is convincing her boss, D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) -- and the other doubters in the criminal justice system -- that her psychic abilities can give them the upper hand when it comes to solving violent and horrifying crimes whose mysteries often reside with those who live beyond the grave.

Now I am not usually the first person to gripe about "copycat films," in fact I defended Armageddon to friends who said it was like Deep Impact, but this is ridiculous.

Wait...this gives me an idea for a show.

Patrick Macnamara is a single father of two with a dual curse. Patrick can see the future, but only two parts of it. The first part, he has used to promote his writing career by writing advance speculative scripts. Jack can see television shows two years before they come out and he writes what he sees. The second part, and the part that frightens Patrick, is that he keeps seeing the murder of Hollywood executives, brutal murders and he sees them through the murderers eyes. In fact...these murders are exactly two years away. Can Patrick continue to advance his career and take care of his family. What is the connection between Patrick's gift and the murders? Who is responsible and why are there so many shows about psychics?

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