Monday, June 06, 2005

Funny Star Wars Goodness!

As long as we're all still in a Star Wars frame of mind (or at least I am), I thought I'd do a public service and post the linkage to Star Wars Fanfilms. Some of this stuff is hysterical, especially Troops. I don't know if they have George Lucas in Love on there, I haven't had time to check, but I think it's my favorite fan flick. Though the Troops with Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen may win out. Anyways, I probably mostly get the giggles because they remind me of our Star Wars RPG games when they get out of control, such as last Saturday and the zany misadventures of the Jawa Jedi. If anyone knows of a rule in the West End Games Star Wars 2nd Edition RPG that says there cannot be Jawa Jedi, let me know.

For now, I am off to watch "Big Fish" for our Philosophy class, and maybe I will post on it later.

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