Thursday, June 09, 2005

A cartoon Cathy Seipp might enjoy.

One of the common themes of Cathy's World is the wishy washy-ness of many Boomer, and I imagine GenX as well, parents with regards to raising their children.

My wife, when she was in film school, would come out to the calm oasis that is Mayberry (I mean Glendora) where I work every Friday. During these times she would work on her screenplays at the local Starbuck because they would let her plug in for hours on end. But there was one major drawback, parents who didn't know how to discipline their kids. My parents used to tell me when I was 12 or 13, back when I was raising my sister, that I was much older than my sister and thus should act the adult. Well, a part of acting the adult is understanding that children are not adults. In fact, they are prone to screaming out their desires, especially if you are constantly giving in to their every whim.

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