Friday, June 03, 2005

Apparently Kids Don't Watch Enough TV

According to ICV2, a pop culture news site, the WB will be cancelling their weekday Kid's WB programming. This information is verified by The Hollywood Reporter (subscription required). "the network will drop its 3-5 p.m. Monday-Friday Kids' WB! animation block in favor of sitcom repeats that the WB will acquire for its 200-plus station affiliates."

It appears that kid's today don't watch cartoons in the afternoon, and that the network who contributed to the Pokemon craze, and brought joy to Gen-Xer's with Batman the Animated Series, has decided to grow up with the audience it had been successful with before. As of next January, we will be able to watch repeats of all those great WB sit coms...Um...What would those be exactly. Well, maybe they will go outside the WB for shows, though the HR reports, "The two-hour block will retain some WB-related branding, but the programming will be acquired from a range of sources." My guess is that this means more Seinfeld and Friends in the afternoon.

Who would have thought that the crossmarketing manipulative empire of cartoon to toy to cardgame could ever run out of steam? Did they stop putting subliminal messages between the animation frames? Or are kids just sick and effing tired of Pokemon and freaking Yu-Gi-Oh!? The affiliates can't honestly think that unemployed Gen-Xers, and Gen-Ys (who are the only people within the 18-49 age group other than drunk college students who would watch sit coms in the afternoon) are going to have more "buying power" than brainwashed 10 year olds with affluent parents. What is the world coming too? Geez! Where is the next GI Joe? Where is the next Transformers? And I don't mean a lame remake, I mean a craze. Get those kids to NEED your products and then when they stop buying them find new products.

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