Thursday, May 12, 2005

Two New Online Comics Posted

I added to new online comic strips to the links section of the blog. The first is Day by Day by Chris Muir and the second is Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew.

Due to its political nature, I added Day by Day to the blogroll section of the website. It is a primarily conservative comic strip so if you know of a good liberal strip that isn't on Keenspot let me know and I will add it. I am adamantly opposed to Takeyourmoneyspot due to their editorial and business practices.

Order of the Stick is a very funny, but very narrow cast, online comic and has been added to the online cartoon pull down menu. Like Unbreakable, OOTS is designed for a very limited audience. Unbreakable was made for "old school" comic book fans and OOTS is written for role players who have played both 3rd edition and edition 3.5 of the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. OOTS contains numerous inside jokes that the average reader will miss. But I think it is strong enough to stand on its own even if you don't game at all.

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