Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comic Con Info

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my favorite online cartoonists had been nominated for an Eisner Award. The article, sadly, left out mention of another of my favorite online (and print) cartoonists Aaron Williams. Sorry, Aaron.

In my online comments discussions with Cinerati member David Scott, I realized that I didn't include information on when and where the event was and had assumed he would be attending the event as well. He does after all live closer than I do to the location of the event.

So...without further delay. Here is the skinny.

Every year the Eisner Awards are handed out during San Diego's World Famous Comic Con. Comic Con is the self described "Largest Comics and Pop Culture Event in North America" and it occurs annually during the Summer months. This Summer the event will be the week of July 14-17th and as usual there will be an exciting list of panels and exhibitors. This year's special guests include:

  • Forrest Ackerman

  • Ray Bradbury

  • Gene Colan

  • !!!!!!
  • derivative fantasy hack Robert Jordan

  • George Perez

  • The Ever Self-Important Kevin Smith (when is Spider Man/ Black Cat going to be completed?)

  • The event will also include Movie Previews (last year they announced Revenge of the Sith's title and gave out T-Shirts), Gaming, informative panels, a small film festival, and if it is like last year Joss Whedon wandering around the exhibit hall unrecognized.

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