Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Where the money isn't!

When I was a young and naive boy I wanted to be a paid professional roleplaying game author. Now that I am older...I still want to be a paid professional roleplaying game author. Well, I would except it apparently doesn't pay enough to live in a cardboard box.

Get these figures:

  • Staff Writer: $22,000

  • Sales Associate (New Markets): $22,000

  • Sales Associate (Hobby Markets): $22,000

  • Marketing and PR Associate: $22,000

  • Associate Game Developer: $22,000

  • Business Development Manager: Unlisted, but based on experience

  • And the best part? I'd have to move to Minnesota to make this awe inspiring sum. Lets see 22,000/2080= $10.58 an hour. I made that at my work study job in college. So I guess Rob Long was right when he had the agent say, in his book Conversations with My Agent, "You want to write a book? Look, if you need $800.00, I'll give you $800.00." Admittedly, Fantasy Flight Games isn't one of the "Big Three" in the roleplaying world, but they are a deservedly successful and respected company in the industry. Their product quality is excellent and they are developing a good consumer base.

    I think I'll stay where I am for the time being. And freelance for those $800.00, naturally.

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