Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Really is the Least Anticipated Movie Based on Preview

Gaze Theory recently posted that Mindhunters was the "Least Eagerly Awaited Film Based on Trailer" coming out in the next few months. I have to disagree. Not to give Renny Harlin too much credit, okay I don't actually want to give him any credit, since he is responsible for the worst pirate movie ever made (Cuthroat Island) and one of the worst films about racing ever (Driven), but I actually liked Deep Blue Sea. Was it good? No, but it did follow the "anyone, and I mean anyone, can die in this movie" rule. Besides Mindhunters has, as Gaze mentions, LL Cool J who was also in Deep Blue Sea so I might actually be entertained.

No. I have to say that based merely on trailer...Kicking and Screaming is the movie I least anticipate seeing. I am at least adding Mindhunters to my Netflix queue.

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