Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blogging and Copyright

I have always been conscientious of the potential for "online journals" and "web logs" to violate the copyright protections of other individuals/corporations/sites, so this discussion of blogging and copyright is must reading for members of this community.

From time to time I have posted information from various news websites, but I have always made a conscious effort to direct individuals to the site of origin. Even in my use of images for my film reviews, which have been far too infrequent (something I intend to correct), I have tried to comply with the "fair use" allowance in copyright law.

Some things we need to consider for future postings:

1) Merely linking to a site is fine, but not very substantive. I am as guilty of this as the next guy. How about we add a little paragraph before or after the link.

2) If we post an image, let's always refer to where the image is from. If it is a film still, have it be a part of a review with links to the movie's webpage (if any) or a hyperlink to the source page for the image.

3) Let's all try to increase the amount of "added value" when beginning discussions of news stories.

4) Have some of our "lurkers" become more regular "posters" on the site.

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