Thursday, January 13, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Maybe it is the sci-fi geek in me coming out, but I am eagerly awaiting the new series on the sci-fi channel starting this Friday. I remember watching all the old episodes when I was a kid and now I am looking forward to a fresh take on an old classic. (I hope they don't make the same mistakes as the original in their failed 1980 series). Let me preface my views by stating I am not a critic and this is just one layman's opinion. For the experts, I form my views simply with regard to television and movies ... Was I entertained?

Some of the purists are a bit put off by the changes in the new show. But, I feel the changes have made the show more interesting. The space combat appears more akin to Babylon 5 than the original, which in my opinion makes it superior. The space combat scenes were excellent. The character changes have all made the show a bit deeper, and darker. But I think this makes it better. Boomer, Starbuck, Baltar and Col. Tigh all seem to be more complex characters than they were originally portrayed. I think this makes them all more interesting. They replaced black and white with a sturdy coat of gray. I think the creators are going for a grittier series than the original and I like what they have done. I don't think they will win any awards for acting, Almos excluded ... he is always very good, but even in its over done form I had a good time watching. (Who can ask for more?) It looks great and if it keeps up with what the mini-series started I won't be disappointed.

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