Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Funny Quote I Encountered

In my spare time I play role-playing games, and thus I spend some time reading websites devoted to the games I like. One such game is Savage Worlds. While reading through the message boards, I encountered a new blog by a Savage Worlds regular. He was taking some time to gloat over the results of the election and received some flak for it. So he decided to respond. I thought his response was funny...

Postscript: Someone mentioned I'm a bit critical of Democrats. Go and read it again. I'm not critical of Democrats per se. I'm critical of ANYONE who voted for Kerry because "Bush ruched to war" or "this is a terrible economy". I work in a Sandwich SHOP. I work in a place where people pay extra for me to make them a sandwich instead of going home and making it themselves. Sure, I make it quick. Sure, the bread is freash and so are the ingredients. But people have enough money to, on a daily basis, pay me to do something they could easily do themselves. And others go to Quiznos and pay even more to have it toasted! This is a frickin wonderful economy. If it wasn't, people would say "Hey I could make a sandwich at home. Let's eat pizza or something else I can't easily make myself since I don't have a lot of cash."

The author's name is Mathew Mather and I have no idea how old he is, but I thought this was hilarious. Anyway, you can visit his blog here.

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