Thursday, October 14, 2004

Red Sox/ Yankees is more hype than reality

I can only speak for myself but this whole Red Sox/ Yanks thing is really more media than reality. Do I hate the Yankees, NO. They spend the money for the team they have, the league says its fine. They don't break the rules, the Sox are just as guilty at 125+ million. I am sure the Jays, Rays and others hate the Sox as much as some people talk about the Yankee payroll. I don't hate them, and I suspect most fans feel the same way, it only upsets me that my team loses to them. Sure there are psycho fans out there, look at the guys who attacked K.C's first base coach. As I have said before, it is just a game ... it is only a distraction. It does not establish self worth nor does it mean that New York is better than Boston. It may make the fans feel better to win and a rivalry is good for business. It puts buts in the seats, sells jerseys, hotdogs and who's your daddy t'shirts. Does it really matter, no not at all.

What it creates is a media circus where Fox can pimp Star Wars dvd's while putting the team logos into the advertisements. They show the brawls, the bidding wars and so on to fuel the fire. They want the fans to get wrapped up into it ... because it is good for business. Sell the rivalry and ratings go up. I am sure that for the majority of fans they want their team to win because they grew up with those teams and everyone wants to win because quite simply it feels good to win. So we all want to win, we want to be on top.

I don't hate the yankees or their fans, I only want my team to win. I am not a slave to the hype and even if the Sox lose, so what. As with most baseball fans, there is always next season because only one team can win each year. Last year it was the Marlins in Baseball and the Patriots in football. I was glad for the superbowl win, it was a good feeling. But I would have gotten over it if they didn't win. Sports are a distraction from life and that is the bottom line.

Today, when people are being beheaded, shot, blown up and other unpleasantness, I feel silly getting sucked into a yankee/ red sox debate. I will still root for them to win but with everything else going on it won't bother me if they lose. So if some folks want to get their head all sucked into this thig more power to you. It is only baseball and it is fun while the game is on after that my time is better spent on other things and at my hourly rate it is easy to decide where to put my energies.

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