Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Forcing the Taking of a Breath

It should be noted that three of the individuals invited to participate in this forum are on various sides of a longstanding generational feud. That feud is, naturally, the battle between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Two of the three are Sox fans (David and Rob), one of whom is a "home grown" fan (Rob--if I remember correctly is a Bostonian or at least from MA) the other a BC Ph.D. candidate and convert. One the other side of the feud is Fritz, a convert to the Yankees and native Michigander who never found it in his heart to root for the Tigers as loyally as he does the Lions and Red Wings. Namely because he was introduced to baseball in New York, and as any New Yorker will tell you, "Everything is better in New York!" Just ask a New Yorker.

New Yorkers will also say things like, "How can anybody live anywhere else?" or "Living anywhere else isn't living!" These are, naturally to commit a logical fallacy, ridiculous statements.

Fritz, in his loyalty to his adopted team, has agitated members of the other side of the feud. In fact, he seems to get a kind of pleasure from it. This is a less than magnanimous behavior, but not necessarily vicious. Though it may appear so to Rob or David. I think the underlying tone of Fritz' comments is sarcastic, I know so. He often chuckles when he writes what he writes. But tone of voice can't be heard on the internet. The reason Fritz does this is he had an exchange with a rabid Sox fan earlier this year when he asked, jokingly, for empirical evidence that Sox fans were better than Yankees fans. Fritz was flamed and ironically it was Fritz himself who found a study proving by empirical data Red Sox fans were in fact more loyal (in thick or thin) than Yankees fans. He told this other person this information and they continued to yell at him, or as close to yelling you can get on the internet.

Since then, I think Fritz has decided to become a bee in Red Sox fan's bonnets.

In the end, I think Rob's comment captures it best. The Yankees aren't even worth Booing!

BTW, the Sox (with Schilling pitching) are in the process of destroying the Angels today. I only hope that this is an entertaining series. The Angels are a season worn team and the Sox are much healthier. Both teams healthy and I would say Angels in 4, but now I gotta be realistic and go the other way.

Oh, and my dream is that the Yankees will recruit a Cy Young caliber pitcher who is in a post Cy slump only to have him become a complete washout after joining the Yankees. Oh wait, that's Esteban Loaiza!

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