Thursday, September 23, 2004

Meanwhile, in the Premier League...

I say premier, of course, because it is the first league of the MLB. Since everyone is talking about baseball, or specifically AL, I feel that the NL isn't getting its due. So let me begin:

Well, does it come to any surprise that the Braves are coasting to another pennant title? It seems that no matter how ownership cuts payroll, that the Braves always stay on top. It helps, though, to have Bobby Cox as your manager. Oh, and another bad year for the Mets but what else is new.

Ahh, the most dominant team, the Cardinals, in the most deep division of all of MLB resides in the central division this year. The division that holds pitching to Prior, Clemmens, Wood, et al also holds the bats of Pujols, Sosa and the Killer B's. We expected a knock-out fight among the top three teams but yet since the second half, the Cards have just run away with it.

The west is home to my team, the Dodgers. Being a Dodger fan, you learn to be patient and expect the worst. Every year the team goes on a slump in the second half. After waiting for it in June, then July, then August, it's finally arrived. It's hard to imagine that not long ago, the Dodgers were leading this division with 6 games. Now, it's down to .5 (though a slight advantage in the loss column). If the Dodgers don't make the pennant, expect Tracy to be the scapegoat. Fact is, though, the blame lies with GM Depodesta who, in his infinite wisdom, traded the talented, though troubled, set up man Mota and a great all-around catcher in Lo Duca for Pitcher Brad Penny (who reinjured himself yesterday) and First Baseman Hee Seop Choi. That deal brought us nothing.

Oh, and I can't help but note that Shawn Green is sitting out games for Yom Kippur. This brings back LA nostalgia of the great Sandy Kofax who would not pitch a playoff game on the holiest of all Jewish holidays.

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