Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Psst...I'm one of the Essayists in the Official Companion to the Munchkin Card Game

I've been vaguebooking about this for some time, but I finally get to announce that I am one of the authors in an upcoming Munchkin product. That's right, I've been given the chance to write an essay on what makes Munchkin such a great game and have been given the honor to work with James Lowder and to receive positive feedback from Steve Jackson himself.

Talk about an achievement unlocked. Working on this project was a dream come true and I cannot wait for you to read the essays that my fellow authors and I have put together for you. There are a number of great writers on the project, as you can see from the Table of Contents:

  • Foreword: “Why I Love to Dance in Pants Macabre” by Ed Greenwood
  • Introduction: “The Space Between the Cards” by James Lowder
  • “Munchkin by the Numbers” by Steve Jackson
  • “To Backstab or Not to Backstab: Game Theory and the Munchkin Dilemma” by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
  • “Madness in 168 Easy Steps” by Andrew Hackard
  • “Monty Haul and His Friends at Play” by David M. Ewalt
  • “Monster Grievances” by Jennifer Steen
  • “Screw You, Pretty Balloons: The Comedy of Munchkin” by Joseph Scrimshaw
  • “On with the Show: Confessions of a Munchkin Demo Pro” by Randy Scheunemann
  • “Munchkin as Monomyth” by Jaym Gates
  • “From Candy Land to Munchkin: The Evolution of a Young Gamer” by Dave Banks
  • “The Emperor of Fun: An Interview with Phil Reed” by Matt Forbeck
  • “How Playing Munchkin Made Me a Better Gamer” by Christian Lindke
  • “Flirting 101: Throwing the Dice in Munchkin and in Love” by Bonnie Burton
  • “The Charity Rule” by Colm Lundberg
  • “Munchkin: Hollywood” by Liam McIntyre
  • “My Favorite Munchkin” by John Kovalic
 The book will be available for purchase on February 23rd, but you might want to pre-order it from Amazon now.

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