Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lou Zocchi Has a Special Way of Talking About Dice

On November of 2013, there was a post on Reddit that Gamescience Precision Dice were no longer being manufactured, but that was only part of the story. A few years back, Lou Zocchi sold Gamescience to Gamestation and allowed them to continue his tradition of manufacturing high quality "unpolished" dice. The company produced the dice for a couple of years, but were not able to sustain it as a business and ownership returned to Lou Zocchi.

For those who don't know, Lou is one of the foundational figures in the Hobby Gaming field. He was an early editor of the wargaming magazine The General, that was published by Avalon Hill, designed some high quality airplane wargames and a couple of cool starship wargames, and was one of the first hobby distributors. If you wanted to buy role playing games back in the day, Lou Zocchi's catalog was a great place to order from.

From the dawn of the hobby Zocchi has had strong opinions about the importance of dice being as truly random in their results as possible and claims that his dice are the most random. Whether this is true or not has been rarely tested, but his presentations are legendary.

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