Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scott Taylor's THE FOLIO Looks Like the Best Fantasy Module Series in a Long Time

Move over Pathfinder Adventure Path. Move over Kobold's Midgard based adventures. There is a new kid entering the D&D compatible adventure market and this kid looks to knock it out of the park on the first pitch.

Mixed metaphors aside, I cannot be more excited than I currently am about R Scott Taylor's current THE FOLIO Kickstarter campaign. Over the years, I've backed a lot of Kickstarters and I've purchased a lot of Old School "feel" adventures for D&D...going back to Necromancer Games' CRUCIBLE OF FREYA. For those who read that and say, "oh yeah...that's not 'old school' because I own a first edition of Tegel Manor," let me say that FREYA was the first of the "old school feel" adventures. TEGEL MANOR is actual old school and there is a difference. One pulls the strings of nostalgia and the other establishes nostalgia.

R Scott Taylor's THE FOLIO looks like it might just do the impossible. It might simultaneously pull the strings of nostalgia while creating nostalgia. Scott's work as an art director really shows on the early design of the project, and I don't think I've been as excited about a new D&D product in a long time. I was excited about 5e, REALLY excited, but my excitement for this project makes my 5e anticipation look like passing interest.


I hope that THE FOLIO lives up to what it looks to be offering.

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