Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's That You Say? You Saw My Name on a Voice Media Group Article?

A couple of weeks ago, the editor of the Topless Robot website asked if I wanted to begin pitching ideas for table top gaming related Daily Lists posts. Before even considering how challenging the task would be, I shouted with a resounding "Heck yeah!" This morning at 6:00 my first article was published on the website. The article discusses Ray Harryhausen's influence on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and features 9 AD&D monsters that I think exemplify that influence.

I cannot say how excited I am to see my name in print - or more pixels in this case - again. I haven't seen my name in a "professional" byline since my friend John Ford and I wrote our last Celluloid Say-So article for the Daily Sparks Tribune. The time I had writing that column with J was a joy, and my desire to recapture that feeling was one of the reasons I started this blog. What makes my current article even more exciting is that Topless Robot is a part of Voice Media Group, the same company that publishes the LA Weekly and The Village Voice. As a film fan, one of my favorite critics is/was Andrew Sarris and many of the critical arguments he had with fellow critic Pauline Kael were published by the Village Voice.

Topless Robot may not quite be the Village Voice, but I'm no Andrew Sarris either. 

Boy am I excited! Please...go to the site to read my article - and hopefully many more in the future.

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