Thursday, April 04, 2013

Latest Wil Wheaton TABLETOP: FORMULA D

I don't normally post episodes of Wil Wheaton's GEEK & SUNDRY series TABLETOP. Basically, I figure if you already watch the show -- like me -- you already know about the episode, and if you don't then it's likely not something that would fall within your normal wheelhouse.

I decided to share this one because it features on of my favorite games FORMULA D, and given that TABLETOP games quickly become available at Target I thought this would be a good time to promote one of my favorite games.

I have only two minor quibbles with the episode.

First, the players are playing a bit too much to the camera and trying too hard to be funny. This is a more minor complaint than it sounds as a video watching a group playing a boardgame that wasn't playing to the camera would be terrible. Oh...and comedy is hard.

Second, Wheaton calls the game FORMULA Dé (DAY), and this is the new version FORMULA D (Dee). Yes, the game is produced by a French Company, but they have decided to market it distinctly from the earlier edition.

Formula Dé

Formula D

The original version features racing solely based on Formula 1 and the De stands for "dice," while the new version features both Formula 1 style racing and Formula Drift racing as well. The newer version has classic F1 tracks and adds some street races better suited to drifting as well. The original is a collector's item, the new one is something you should just go out and buy.

As usual, though I am somehow compelled to watch and read many things Wheaton, this video does nothing to mitigate my Sheldon-esque rage.

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