Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Knights of Pen & Paper: Good Idea, but...

As a member of Generation X, I am a fan of "meta" media that is well done.  The initial trailer for the Behold Studios game "Knights of Pen & Paper" makes the game look like it could have been one of those beautiful meta moments.  It looks like a combination of Phoenix Wright with old school "Dragon Warrior," and that would be a beautiful thing indeed.

Reading through the reviews on iTunes, and looking at the in app purchase price schedule, it becomes quickly apparent that this is a game that hopes to have its profits driven by micro-transactions rather than by raw sales.  This is really too bad, as I think that this game might have some traction as a pure single transaction game with expansion purchases to buy updates similar to Ravenmark.

Alas, it seems that was not meant to be. I would have easily paid $7 to $10 for an excellent meta-rpg, but a micro transaction "buy gold" game?  Not so much.


Unknown said...

Hello. I am one of the devs from Behold Studios, the creator of Knights of Pen & Paper.

The game is NOT meant to profit on gold. The in-app is there to accelerate the game for people who don't have time to play it, as the game can be a little grindy and extent sometimes.

Every battle you do in the game gives you gold, so buying it is NEVER required at all. Player who are familiar with RPGs will never even feel the need to buy gold.

Christian Lindke said...

First, thank you very much for the comment. I really appreciate you following up on this. I had become concerned when I read some of the comments that purchasers had written on the Apple Store.

Based on your comments, I'm going to pick the game up and give it a try. When I've tinkered a little -- I want to give your game a full and fair time investment -- I'll give it a formal review.

I really do think that the game has a very interesting concept, and I look forward to playing around with it.