Monday, December 27, 2010

Author of Fabled Lands Gamebooks Offers Free e-Gamebook

Fabled Lands 1: The War-Torn Kingdom

I mentioned in an earlier post that Dave Morris' excellent, and hard to find, Fabled Lands game book series was available in a new edition. I recently purchased the four available books and eagerly await further volumes in the series. One of the intriguing things about the Fabled Lands series is that choices in one book can lead you to paragraphs in other volumes. It makes for a robust experience, and demonstrates the strengths of design in the series.

Morris is making available -- for a very limited time -- an electronic copy of a relatively hard to find Gamebook. The original printing of the gamebook is easier to find if you live in the UK, but for us in the states this is a wonderful opportunity to play an engaging gamebook. It is also a good starter gamebook for those who have never played one before. It uses a simple role playing resolution system and explains the rules clearly.

If you are interested in playing a rare adventure, or interested in finding out what this game book thing is all about, head on over to Dave's Fabled Land blog and download it while you can. It should be noted that the file is in xps format. The format reads well in Explorer, and not so well in Firefox which redownloads the file every time I try to open it, and can be easily converted into a pdf if you have a full version of Acrobat.

You only have until New-Year's Eve to download the book. Do it...NOW!

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