Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suckerpunch -- Zack Snyder's New Film Trailer is a Nerdgasm

What if Kenneth Hite re-imagined Pan's Labyrinth and included Tri-Planes, Dragons, Mecha, Machine Guns, Samurai, Kung Fu? OH MY!

Did I mention the Nazis and the exploding Zeppelin?!

Zack Snyder's next film is an original work written by the director. It tells the story of a young girl who is institutionalized by her cruel stepfather and who retreats into a fantasy land in order to cope with the situation and gain her revenge. The film is so high concept that it makes my brain want to explode. From what is in the video, there is almost no conceivable way that this film can have a coherent narrative.

And you know what?

I cannot wait.

Then again, I am a sucker for exploding Zeppelins.

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David Chute said...

For some reason the term "cos-play" springs to mind. The trailer has a soft core naughty-anime dimension that will likely repel as many people as it attracts. I can't imagine walking into a theater playing it unless I was wearing a ski mask. Thank God for DVDs.