Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watch the (fake) The Day After Ragnarök Movie Trailer, then Buy the Book

YouTube creator "BloodRunsClear" has created a movie trailer for an imagined film based on Kenneth Hite's remarkable Savage Worlds game setting The Day After Ragnarök (DAR) by Atomic Overmind Press.

Kenneth Hite has long been respected as one of the most talented writers in the gaming hobby, and has been a long time advocate of the independent game publisher movement. His "Suppressed Transmission" column for the online version of Pyramid Magazine was a must read while it existed was a rich source of inspiration for game masters everywhere. Hite has the capacity to connect seemingly unrelated events/objects in ways that were an almost "how to" education in designing alternative histories/presents. Reading his column, I always wondered what would happen if Kenneth Hite took the talents he demonstrated in "Suppressed Transmission" and applied them to an rpg setting. With The Day After Ragnarök Hite answered that question and it is a magnificent amalgam of Pulp goodness. Let's just say it's a setting that is a post-WW II Norse Apocalypse as seen through Robert E. Howard's eyes. It's a world where both Doc Savage and Conan would be welcome, and where characters of classic noir films stand in the shadows.

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