Friday, January 23, 2009

IFC: Your Place for Comedic Nazi Zombie Horror

According to Anne Thompson of Variety, IFC has acquired the North American distribution rights to the Norwegian horror/comedy film DEAD SNOW. The movie is a high-concept extravaganza sure to make any fan of Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD series of films, or people who play the Savage Worlds role playing game, very happy. It's got zombies, Norwegian co-eds, creepy old men in cabins, Nazi gold, Nazis, snowmobiles, oh...and the zombies are the Nazis. It makes my heart feel warm knowing that IFC does in fact embrace all kinds of "independent film."

Watching the trailer one can see definite Raimi influences, but the brightness of all the snow does make take away from some of the creepy mood factor that made the EVIL DEAD series so fun. Watch the You Tube trailer below, or -- for a better image visit the DEAD SNOW link above.

Hat Tip: Anne Thompson

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