Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hollywood Foreign Press Favors Stoner Movie Over Comic Genius

As you all know, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released their Golden Globe nominations today. No real surprises when it comes to the Dramatic end of things. One can use the patented "Christian Lindke Globe/Oscar Drama prediction system*" and end up with a list pretty similar to the overall selections in the Drama category.

What is surprising is the love for James Franco in Pineapple Express and the lack of love for Robert Downey Jr. (or Tom Cruise or Ben Stiller) for their highly entertaining, and highly quotable, work in Tropic Thunder. How can they overlook the hilarity? What are they smoking? Oops. Think I just answered the question.

*To apply the patented "Christian Lindke Globe/Oscar Drama prediction system" find the most inexpensive films, starring "serious actors" or directed by "serious directors," released toward the end of the year and create a list. Eliminate any that look "fun" (they can look good, or deep, but fun is out of the equation). If there are more than five remaining, highlight films that cover "issues." By applying this rule, you usually can guess a majority of the nominees by mid-September.

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