Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Call for Writers

Despite the fact that I have been pretty lax in my posts the past few weeks, this is not a post soliciting writers for this blog. I have enough co-writers, who don't do enough co-writing, at this time.

What this is is a call for writers who want to write for a new online magazine designed to support the Geekerati webcast radio show my co-hosts and I air each week. Essentially, I am looking for writers who are willing to work for no-pay now, hopefully pay in the future, who will write quality articles about some area of geek culture which will be published in a Monthly online magazine via the Issuu service. Here's what I'm looking for.

  1. A reliable illustrator or two: b/w line art is dandy as is someone who can do cover designs.
  2. A video game reviewer: we'll need 2 to 3 video games reviewed each month.
  3. 2 to 3 book reviewers of various genres: do you want to write about mystery, fantasy, children's lit, comic books?
  4. A television reviewer: Shawna...I'm looking at you. We need 2-3 television show reviews a month.
  5. Games reviews: We need someone who can write 1 or 2 table top game reviews a month.
  6. A film reviewer: (David Chute and LYT, I'm looking at you guys) Are your reviews not published in enough places? Try our magazine
  7. A tech writer who knows a thing or two about the gadgets out there.

Any writers/illustrators will be invited to participate in our online radio show on a fairly regular basis.

As I wrote earlier, these positions will be unpaid until we can build an advertiser base, but when/if we do that we will pay a fair rate.

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